Pros and Cons of DIY Website vs. Professional Developed Websites

To have an official presence on the web, your business needs to have a website.

Posted by Teja Babu S on March 25, 2018.

Desiging a Webpage


With website builders, you are offered with some of the easiest and least expensive ways to create a web presence. In general, website builders and their tools can help you create a great looking website, fast and easy.


A website is your identity of your online presence. A website is a place from where your customers contact you. A professional web developer knows how to develop a quality website. He will really help you to get yourself live nice. So this is the benefit of hiring a professional web developer.

Content of the page


Content is king in a website. A website without good content is not a good deal. A unique content is required for a unique website. Everybody does not have quality to write good content.


A professional web developer knows the importance of content and will help you to write specific content for your website.

SEO Optimization


Just Creating a nice website is not enough, your website should also be visible to search engines. SEO plays a major role in web design nowadays and a poorly designed website or one that is not SEO friendly can really hurt your site’s visibility with search engines. DIY packages often offer very basic SEO tools and are limited as to how much you can tweak the code to make your site perform better, which could be a major issue in the long run.


A professional web developer can help you in identify and write a search engine friendly website. If your website ranks high in search engine than there are chances to have more business.

Contant of the page

Proper Usage of Technology

The Internet changes on a daily basis. New technologies, new computer code, new ways to draw visitors to your site happen each and every day. When using a professional web designer, you can be assured that the site is being created with the latest technologies and according to the latest trends, for optimal success. Many DIY site builders will not allow video, RSS feeds, or links in your website, which can adversely affect your site.

DIY packages are far from perfect and you should really evaluate your options before you decide to go down that route. If you’re trying to build a simple website and low on cash then this might a viable short term solution, but you should eventually aim to have a custom website designed by a professional if you want to take your business to the next level.
There will be always options around us. It would be on us to choose what is best

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